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Is your woodworking CNC lathe cutter tool durable

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Is your woodworking cnc lathe cutter tool durable?

The emergence of woodworking CNC lathes has greatly solved the troubles of many users, but a new problem has arisen with them. That is the wood turning tools are not durable. This problem also a lot of CNC manufacturers are unpredictable, and cnc wood lathe users are even more headaches, once a friend said "One whole day working, there are half a day in the sharpening, loading lathe knife, adjust knife."
How can we solve these problems? RicoCNC supplied a kind of carbide balde woodworking CNC turning tool will help you solve your troubles.
Why can it be solved?
1, From the principle of wood cutting, the linearity of the traditional scraping is changed into the linearity of cutting.
2, Point cutting, the traditional tool is based on face cutting, the RicoCNC carbide turning tool has an angle of 20 degrees, forming the characteristics of the back higher and front lower, so that the ability of the tool to cut the radial greatly improved.
3, Made of high-quality, more wear-resistant materials – solid carbide tungsten steel, hardness up to 91-91.5 HRC, can improve the wear time of the tool greatly.
4, In the traditional tool grinding, the consistency of the knife outer edge problem can not be solved. RicoCNC turning tool modified, make the tool tip with a Radius, and when grinding, resharp from inner side, keep the outer cutter edge the same. The radius tip improve the smoothness of wood processing, and at the same time solve the consistency of the knife edge, which is convenient for the user to maintain the consistency of the knife edge during long-term use.
5, RicoCNC wood turning tool is assembled with two components: the cutter head and the shank holder. It is easy to adjust the center height of the tool by adjusting the fastening screw. This is convenient for the user to disassemble and assemble the tool when the lathe cutter head need to resharpen or replace. This can keep the tool accurate and there is no need to re-align the lathe knife.

RicoCNC carbide wood lathe knives are well welcome in our clients all over the world, for wooden bats making, wood objects turning, etc. And adopted in a lot of CNC wood lathe machines, copy lathe machines.
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