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High Speed Electric Spindle Motor Selection Principle

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High Speed Electric Spindle Motor Selection Principle
According to the application of different situations, high-speed electric spindle can be divided into 8 categories: grinding, milling, turning, rolling, drilling, machining center, mechanical spindle (no built-in motor) belt drive spindle, special rotary test spindle. Normally spindle for grinding, milling, turning, machining center, mechanical spindle (no built-in motor) belt drive spindle are widely used.

When choosing a spindle motor, be sure to focus on your application. Different applications, the interface is different. Also you must be clear about your power requirements, and the corresponding speed in this power. Because the same power, like 1kW, in 1000RPM and 10000RPM the overall size has a big difference. So the working conditions must be accurate. Also the tool interface must be clear, this is also a principle. In general, the BT50 toolholder speed only can be used in 8000RPM electric spindle, BT40 toolholder can be used in the spindle under 18000RPM. If you want higher speed, you should select the HSK tool holder and other high-speed toolholders. Also CNC milling electric spindle with the ER collets or SK Spring collets also has a certain allowable maximum speed. 

For CNC router engraving machine spindle, there are air cooled spindle, water-cooled spindle, constant power spindle, auto tool changer spindle etc.
Air cooling spindle widely used in wood cutting job, water cooled spindle widely used in carving job, constant power spindle widely used for metal milling. Auto tool change ATC spindle used with the machine need auto tool changing function.

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