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CNC Tool Changer Plastic Gripper Forks Maintenance

cnc tool changer plastic gripper forks maintenance

CNC Tool Changer Plastic Gripper Forks Maintenance

1, CNC tool fork grippers wear out over time. 
2, If the HSK/ISO30/BT spindle is not clamping the tool properly, it may be the toolholder fork is worn which causes alignment issues. 
3, Always insert and remove tool holders laterally. 
4, Toolholder grippers should be mounted in an area to reduce the exposure to cutting chips and debris as much as possible. 
5, Replace if worn or damaged. 
6, The tool holders and spindle taper must be maintained as well. 
7, A clean cone taper, free of debris and burrs will help prevent the tool from sticking. 
8, Apply a light coat anti-seize compound to the taper on a regular basis.

Note: Never blow compressed air into the spindle taper.

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