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Edgebander Chain Track Pads and Pressure Wheels

As we know that the edgebander machine is one of woodworking machinery, it is widely used in furniture making process now. it is highly efficient and cost saving.

But if the edge banding machine accessories are damaged or missing, it needs to be replaced immediately or it will affect the operation of the machine.

Ricocnc supplys quality track pads and pressure rollers for HOMAG, LAGUNA, IMA, KDT, BIESSE, BRANDIT edgebanding machine.

Edgebander Chain Track Pads:

HOMAG Track Pads: 80x30mm, 79x61mm, 80x50mm, 98x80mm

SCM Track Pads: 71x48mm, 63x25mm, 80x62mm, 63x37mm, 80x75mm, 71x37mm

BIESSE Track Pads: 80x62mm, 110x80mm, 79x61mm

IMA Track Pads: 80x60mm

IDM Track Pads: 80x74mm, 72x70mm, 85x82mm,

LAGUNA Track Pads: 70x47mm

Edgebander Pressure Roller Wheels: 60x8x24mm, 60x8x23mm, 48x8x12mm

Side Roller Wheels

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