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Basic Knowledge of CNC Router Bits Selection and Precautions for Operation

CNC router bits selection

Basic Knowledge of CNC Router Bits Selection and Precautions for Operation

CNC router bits selection and precautions for operation

Woodworking CNC router bits

1. Woodworking CNC router bits are specially designed for woodworking engraving machines. They cannot be used on machines such as electric drills or drilling machines. And CNC router bits are designed to rotate clockwise normally.

2. To achieve the purpose you require, also be sure to use a tool with the shortest cutting edge. If the cutting edge is too long or the blade body is too long, it will cause vibration and deflection, which will lead to the damage of the tool.

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3. Use router bits with a large shank diameter.

CNC tool collets

4. It is very important to use normal and suitable collets. Those collets with cross-sections, insufficient roundness, severe wear and tapers in the inner hole cannot provide sufficient clamping force, resulting in severe damage of tools and workpiece. In addition, check whether the contact is uneven or grooved every time.

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5. The contact between the tool shank and the collet should be well-connected. The tool must be fully inserted into the collet and tightened firmly, so that the necessary clamping force can be provided during the use of the tool. And router bits cannot be inserted only partially into the collet, otherwise the tool shank is easily broken.
6. Please use proper eye protection when operating.
7, Body, clothes, hair and other things should not be close to workpiece.
wood cutting speed
Choose the appropriate feed rate:
1. The cutting speed of different wood is very important for the use life of the tool and the processing quality of the workpiece. A reasonable cutting amount will make cutting faster, better and safer.
2. High-speed cutting can be used for general wood. Harder wood need tools with larger diameters and cut at lower speed. The cutting progress should be continuous and stable. If there is a stop during cutting, it will burn the tool and greatly reduce the tool life.
Cutting speed depends on three aspects:
(1) Material of cutting object
(2) Equipment for clamping
(3) Types and specifications of tools used
3. If a larger diameter tool is used, cutting can be completed after several feeds, which can increase the service life of the tool and operate more safely.
cnc router tool maintenance
CNC tool maintenance:
1. Keep the tools clean, use standard industrial solvents for cleaning.
2. Apply a small amount of oil to prevent rust and damage on the surface of the tool. Clean up all stains on the handle to prevent slippage during use.
3. Do not re-grind the tool and change the shape of the tool easily, because every grinding process requires professional machinery and equipment, also professional grinding skills. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the cutting edge to break or cause industrial accidents.

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