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CNC router bits classification

TCT router bits

CNC router bits classification

Different material and products producing technology need different router bits. For the CNC router machines, here is the router bits classification which widely used.
1, Acrylic cutting processing, single flute spiral milling cutter is recommended. It is characterized by smokeless and odorless processing, high speed, high efficiency, non-stick crumbs, real environmental protection, and its special manufacturing process ensures that the processing acrylic does not burst, Fine cutting edge (even no knife trace), smooth surface.
2, For MDF cutting, it is recommended to use a double-edged and large-flux spiral milling cutter, which has two high-capacity flutes and a double-edged design. It not only has good chip removal function, but also achieves good tool balance. In the processing of high-density MDF board, it is not black, no smoke, long service life and other characteristics.
3, Aluminum plate cutting, it is recommended to use a single-edged spiral aluminum milling cutter. No sticking knife during processing, high speed and high efficiency.
4, Precision small relief processing, it is recommended to use a round bottom carving knife.
5, Cork, MDF, original wood, PVC, acrylic large deep-relief processing, it is recommended to use a double edged spiral ballnose router bit.
6, For upper and bottom no burr cutting process, it is recommended to use a single edge, double edge up and down cutter (compression bits).
7, High-density board, solid wood recommended use of edge milling cutter.
8, For multi-layer board, plywood processing, it is recommended to use double-edged straight cutter.
9, The down cut router bit, no burr on the surface of processed products, and the workpiece no rocker during processing.
10, Acrylic mirror carving is recommended to use diamond carving knife.
11. Rough cutting chipboards recommend the use of multi-striping cutters.
12, For plywood, MDF, partical board nesting cutting, recommend TCT router bits.
13, For foam milling, recommend HSS foam mill bits.

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