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Choosen Router Bits and Lathe Knives according to Wood Species and Grades

Choosen Router Bits and Lathe Knives according to Wood Species and Grades

Like other natural materials, wood grain patterns and color tone vary greatly from one species to another and they also vary within their own species. When use a wood cnc router or cnc woodturning lathe to do woodworking job, different wood should use different cutters.

Here is the wood species & grades:


Alder has a slight range of pinkish color with an occasional tight knot and pin knots.


The color tones of Ash consist of a wide range of cream to light brown with some dark streaks. Burl and pin knots are acceptable. Ash is not selected for color. Panel rips are random arranged for a reasonable blend of grain matching and wood color tones.

Ash Select

Same as Regular except medium to dark brown areas are pulled out. Select is recommended for light stains or natural finishes.


The color tone of basswood is basically light cream with an occasional streak of gray.


Cherry may contain some sapwood (white wood from the outer section of the log). Grain and color are randomly matched to form a reasonable blend. Exposure to light causes cherry to darken with age, revealing a deep reddish brown tone. Gum pockets are a natural characteristic of cherry.

Cherry Select

Same as Cherry except no sap wood or gum pockets is allowed on the face it is acceptable to have sap wood on the back of door.


Unlike most other woods Hickory has a unique grain pattern and a verity of color tone. Regular Hickory will have some knots and a lot of character and wide verity of color.

Hickory Select

Selected Hickory is selected for a reasonable color blend and no large knots, the color will still have a great deal of character with some pin knots.

Maple, Soft

Soft Maple ranges from a creamy white to brown to gray color tones used  for paint grade doors.

Maple , Soft Select

Select Soft maple is color matched to have mostly a creamy white face on the door it is acceptable to have small amounts of brown and gray on the back.


A lushes reddish brown color with a close tight grain pattern very consistent.

Pine (Knotty)

Knotty Pine has a yellowish color with large tight knots and a pronounced grain. Loose knots and blue mineral stains not acceptable.


A soft Hardwood with a pale yellowish to white color with some green, brown and purplish mineral streaks. Used for Paint grade products.

Red Oak

Red Oak has a reddish color and a grain pattern ranging from tight to wide dark mineral streaks, burl and pin knots are a natural character. Panel rips are randomly arranged to get a blend of color tone and grain pattern.

Red Oak Select

Same as Red Oak except dark and mineral streaks are sorted out and grains are grouped as to create a more uniform door.


Walnut will have white sap wood, burls and tight knots

Walnut Select

Selected to have no large knots and no sap wood showing on door fronts sap on back and pin knots are acceptable.

White Oak

White Oak has a tight open grain and is light brown to greenish gray color tones. Burl and pin knots are acceptable panel rips are arranged for a reasonable blend of color tone.

For wood lathe knives:
HSS and Alloy steel blades are used for softwood lathing.
Carbide wood lathe knives widely used for hard wood and semi-hard wood lathing, such as red wood, rose wood, etc. (should not have knob)

For router bits, solid carbide cutters widely used. Compression bits widely used for laminated wood panel cutting, PCD diamond bits suitable for hard wood.

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