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6.6 kw electrospindle good enough to work with hardwood softwood and laminated board?

cnc router spindle for hardwood

6.6 kw electrospindle good enough to work with hardwood softwood and laminated board?

These days get a question request on woodweb, can anyone clarify to me if a 6.6 kw electrospindle is good enough to work with hardwood , softwood , and laminated board ?? 

This question is somewhat vague. Too many things to consider for a specific answer.

Be more specific. Hardwood, hickory is hardwood. That’s borderline to run hardwood all day for sure. I would suspect you should be more concerned with how rigid the frame is.

A 1.5KW spindle could handle the hardest of hardwoods if you have enough time (days).
Your 6KW spindle for any type of low end production (in my mind) is too small. I would be looking in the 10HP range at the absolute minimum if your trying to make money. The more you can afford, the faster youll be.
If however your in a market looking for fine detail carving work, then a larger spindle may be wasted on you other than for hogging down to the detail work.

It all depends on the specifics of the work you intend to do.

You can put a big motor on a cheap machine but it won't work as well as on a higher end machine. Trying to run a weak motor at slow feed rates is less than ideal also. If the chip load isn't enough the bit will run hot and its life will be short. There is very little difference in price to jump up in power but you may not get all the benefits you hoped for. The better manufacturers will know the limits of their machines. Depending on what tooling you choose you may be able to simply take more passes. Doesn't work with most profiles though. Time is money!

For a cnc router to nest laminated board ,mdf, plywood... also get some hardwood job to cut shape out of hard or softwood, 6.6kw, 7kw spindle motor is ok. But 9kw air cooled ATC spindle is an excellent choice.
For a cnc router to carving on the hard wood, 3kw or 4.5kw water cooled spindle is a good choice.
First of all, should choose a high end machine with strong rigid struture. That will get the machine last long time use.

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