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6 Common Reasons to Cause Danger During Woodworking Process

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6 Common Reasons to Cause Danger During Woodworking Process

Normally the machinery that processes wood products is called woodworking machinery. Woodworking machinery has a large amount of usage and is widely used in construction, furniture, wood mold processing in factories and home decoration and other industries. There are many types of woodworking machinery. According to their working principles, the scope of application, performance and structure, they can be divided into woodworking saws, planers, milling machines, drilling machines, lathes, etc. Woodworking machinery and equipment are relatively dangerous to operate. Because most of them required the worker to use their hands to push the workpiece through cutters, and their hands are close to the cutter, so they are extremely prone to safety accidents. During processing, a large number of wood chips, dust, and noise are produced, which are also harmful to human health.

Dangers in the processing of wood products
1. The parts of cutter and machine parts are accidentally broken and fly out, which will cause injury accidents. For example, a broken saw blade on a band saw, an unclamped blade on a woodworking planer, etc.
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2. The contact with the workpiece during work can easily cause injury. Woodworking machinery mostly uses manual feeding, which is one of the reasons that can easily hurt your hands. When the hand pushes the wood to feed in, if it encounters knots, bends or other abnormal conditions, the hand may unconsciously contact the cutting edge, causing cuts or even broken fingers.
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3. Many injuries are caused by the violation of operating regulations. The operator is unfamiliar with the performance of woodworking machinery and safe operating procedures or does not operate in accordance with the normal operating procedures. In addition, some woodworking machines are not equipped with safety protection devices, or there is a failure of safety protection devices, which are also very likely to cause injuries.

4. Wood chips might fly out during the processing of wood products. For example, if the circular saw is not equipped with a protective cover, the sawdust or fragments may fly at a high speed (over 100 km / h), causes serious injury to the operator's face.
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5. The danger of burning and explosion of wood powder. Wood is flammable, when the wood powder produced during processing reaches a certain concentration in the air, it will form an explosive mixture. When wood flour accumulates too much in the workshop, especially when it comes into contact with radiators or steam pipes, it can easily cause fire.

6. The danger of electric shock
Most of the motors used in woodworking machines are three-phase 380 V power supplies. Once the insulator is damaged, it is easy to cause electric shock.
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With the development of CNC technology, CNC machines can avoid the dangers greatly. Woodworking CNC routers, CNC beam saws, CNC woodturning machines, etc are widely used today.
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