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6 commonest factors that affect the quality of edge banding

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6 Commonest Factors that Affect the Quality of Edge Banding

Problems of edge banding machines are usually caused by its special function and structure, and there are many factors that affect its quality during processing. Concerning edge banding machine’s function and structure, it must not only protect the edges of workpiece, seal the edge well and reduce workpiece deformation, but also for beautiful outlook. To make perfect edge, the machine need to ensure that the edge banding strips are bonded to the edge of the board and be firm and flat, also need to ensure that there is no exposed part, chipped edge, or large gap at the joint between the edge-sealed surface and the other sides, to be natural, smooth and fast.
edge banding process problems
The quality problems of the edge sealing of plate-type workpieces are mainly caused by cutting of the glue seam and the edge banding strips. The bonding strength, size of the glue seam and residual amount of glue on the edge are common problems of the glue seam quality; the edge cracks, scratches, surface damage of the edge are common cutting quality problems. There are various factors affecting the quality of edge banding process, which can be roughly summarized as:
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1, Equipment Problem
Because the engine of the edge banding machine and the track cannot cooperate well, the track is unstable during operation, then the edge banding strips will not fit the edge perfectly. the lack of glue or uneven coating are often caused by gluing pressure rod that does not cooperate well with the conveyor chain pad. If the trimming tools and the chamfering tools are not adjusted properly, not only requiring extra labor working, and the quality of trimming is difficult to guarantee.
In short, due to the poor level of equipment commissioning, repairs and maintenance, quality problems will last. The blunt of the cutting tools also directly affects the quality of the ends and trimming. The trimming angle given by the equipment is between 0 ~ 30 °, and the trimming angle selected in general production is 20 °. The blunt blade of the cutting tool will cause the surface quality to decrease.
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2, The Workpiece
The man-made wooden as the material of workpiece, the thickness deviation and the flatness may not reach the standards. This makes the distance from the pressure roller wheels to the surface of the conveyor difficult to set. If the distance is too small, it will cause too much pressure and separate of the strips and workpiece. If the distance is too large, the plate will not be compressed, and the strips cannot be banded firmly with the edge.
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3, Edge Banding Strips
The edge banding strips are mostly made of PVC, which can be greatly affected by the environment. In winter, the hardness of PVC strips will increase which causes the adhesion for the glue decreases. And the longer storage time, surface will age; the adhesive strength to the glue is lower. For paper made strips with a small thickness, due to their high toughness and low thickness (such as 0.3mm), will cause the uneven cuts, insufficient bonding strength, and poor trimming performance. So problems such as large waste of edge banding strips and high rework rate are serious.
When thick edge banding strips are used, the pressure rod for strips should be adjusted tightly to the optimal position. The most common fault is over-tightening. Because the strips are slightly longer than the workpiece, give the vertical force on edge banding strips. At this time, because the glue is not completely cured, the bonding strength is not enough, and the end of workpiece is easy to lose.
edgebander adhesive glue tank
4, Adhesive
The amount of glue applied to the edge is related to the type, concentration, viscosity of the adhesive and the surface roughness of the edge. The glue should be applied evenly and no air bubbles. Due to the low temperature in winter, the temperature of the glue should be slightly higher in order to ensure the bonding strength. If it is too hot, exceeding 190 ° C, the chipping board of the edge banding machine is easy to break. Once this happens, the glue layer becomes thin. When cutting the strips, the glue has already cooled down, and the stripes temperature is also low, resulting in a significant decrease in bonding strength.
If the temperature drops to 170 ° C, the glue is a little thicker, but the temperature of the strips are lower, and the glue and bonding strength are not enough. When the temperature is lower than 170° C, the glue will not melt well.
edgebander adhesive glue tank
5, Room Temperature and Machine Temperature
When the indoor temperature is low, the workpiece passes through the edge banding machine, its temperature cannot be increased quickly, and at the same time, the adhesive is cooled too quickly which is hard to complete the bonding. Therefore, the indoor temperature should be controlled above 15 ° C. If necessary, the parts of edge banding machine can be preheated before working (an electric heater can be added at the beginning of edge banding process). At the same time, the heating display temperature of the gluing pressure rod must be equal to or higher than the temperature which the hot melt adhesive can melt completely.
automatic edge banding machines feeding speed
6, Feeding speed
The feeding speed of modern automatic edge banding machines is generally 18 ~ 32m / min. Some high-speed machines can reach 40m / min or higher, while the manual curve edge banding machine has a feeding speed of only 4 ~ 9m / min. The feeding speed of the automatic edge banding machine can be adjusted according to the edge banding strength. If the feeding speed is too high, although the production efficiency is high, the edge banding strength is low.       
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