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3 Tips for Keeping Safe in Working with a CNC Router Machine

3 Tips for Keeping Safe in Working with a CNC Router Machine

Safety in the woodwork shop is crutial. How to properly use router bits is very important in keeping safe in wood working. There are three tips in cutter bits using.

1. Power-off for Every Router Bit Change
This may seem like overkill at first, but you can’t be too careful when handling router bits. All it would take is a second for a bit to do some serious damage while you’ve got your fingers on it. It only takes a moment to power off the CNC router and then plug it back in once the bit has been changed. That brief moment can make a world of difference when it comes to safety.

2. Use the Right Router Bit
Be sure to match the bit you use to the work you’re doing. Different router bits are used in different marterial. Check the type, strength, diameter and shank length of your bits when selecting one, using the one that is the best fit for the work you’re doing. Make sure you only use sharp bits as well; the duller a bit is, the more dangerous it is to work with and the more likely you are to become injured (or at least damage the wood you’re working with.)

3. Match the Speed to Bit Size
Different bit sizes work best at different RPMs, and using the wrong speed for your bit can damage your wood, the bit and possibly your router. Bits come with recommendations for maximum RPMs, and charts are available where you can look up the optimal speed for a wide range of bit diameters.

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