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How to protect the CNC plastic tool holders clips from breaking?

How to protect the CNC plastic tool holders from breaking?

CNC plastic tool holders also called tool holder cradle, tool holder gripper, tool holder clip, tool holder fork, tool holder finger, cnc toolclip etc.
Some ATC (auto tool changer) CNC router owners have problem of breaking the plastic tool holders continuously. What cause these cnc plastic tool fingers broken? And how to solve this cnc toolclip damage problem?

1, You have to clean the tool holders and the inside of the spindle regularly. If you don't, the tool holoders will stick. Even though the air release is on, the holder will stick and it will pull hard and possibly break the plastic clip off.
When the machine tool changes it relies on the plastic fingers to have enough strength to pull the tool out of the spindle. Before use the machine, you can press tool release button to feel any force when release the tool holder.
If you can install an air purifier to reduce the humidity in the valves, it is good to the spindle and the toolholders, so is the cnc plastic forks.

2, CNC gripper fingers breakage due to embrittlement of the plastic from old age or heat cold cycles in the shop. Usually the plastic tool holder grippers after 3 years using, it is easy to break. You can get some new gripper replacements and installing them, if any of the new fingers break then you will know for sure that they are not breaking due to age. By the way, to reduce the aging, you had better not put the ATC cnc machine near the shop door, avoid direct sunshine.

3. What if the knock out at the end of the draw bar stroke has changed and is not there. Thus the tool can stick inside the spindle but the plastic fingers are too weak to break the tool holder free.
What if the switches on top of the draw bar cylinder are out of adjustment. The spindle may go up before the tool is completely released. Again the fingers could break.

4, Re-calibrate the tool change Z height, make sure the plastic tool holder fingers seem to be exactly aligned in relation to the tool holder groove. If the tool finger position is not right, the holder would hit the fingers, then gripper finger damage.

5, Carouse tool magazine work with position sensor switch and motor and gear, after long time use, the gear wear, or the switch damage, this will affect on the tool holder fork position, then lead to tool fork damage.
So before starting the machining job, check the tool magazine go home, check the spindle tool changing position whether is right. Also check the tool clips is there any one loose.

After you check these, you will found the problem and solve the problem well.
Then machine preventive maintenance is very important. Pay more attention to tool maitenance, clean the cones, the spindle end, fork fixture, less plastic cnc forks will damage.

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