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CNC BT30 Tool System BT 30 Toolholder Clips Collets Nuts

CNC BT30 Tool System BT 30 Toolholder Clips Collets Nuts

These BT30 collet chuck tool holders are BT30 toolholder with collet, nut and pullstud. BT30 toolholders for Komo and Laguna CNC routers. These are without dogs on the flange.

BT30 tool holder cone with pull post and collet nut, Max. 24000 RPM, ER32 collets (Fits Laguna 7.5 HP SmartShop2 spindle for CNC routers)
BT30 tool holder clip is BT30 tool holder plastic fork (Fits Laguna SmartShop2 with 7.5 HP spindle). It is cnc accessories tool holder forks for many CNC routers.

RicoCNC offers many different types of spindles, CNC tool holders, collets, nuts, locking fixture and retention knobs for all CNC applications. Supplies CNC router tooling including CNC toolholders, collet holders, ER collet chucks, pull studs, taper shanks BT30, BT40, BT50, CAT50, HSK, SK40, JT50, ISO30, ISO20, and tightening fixtures.

Replace your broken or worn toolholder forks with these high quality tool forks available for BT30, HSK-63F and ISO30 collet chucks. These OEM replacement forks are found on many CNC routers using the ATC spindles. Quality molded over an aluminium core for strength.

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