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Four kinds of common materials used in CNC router bits

Four kinds of common materials used in CNC router bits

Different router bits are made of different material. Every kind of material has its unique advantage. Selecting the right bits could determine whether a job fails or succeeds in woodworking. There are four kinds of material used in the cnc cutter bits commonly. 

1, Solid carbide router bits
Solid carbide is also called Tungsten. Solid carbide cutters are made up of very hard particles of tungsten carbide bound together with metallic cobalt. Bits produced with this kind of material are very solid and durable and tend to stay sharper longer than HSS tools. 

2, Polycrystalline diamond router bits
Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a polycrystalline sintered body with rigorously screened synthetic diamond particles. The hardness of polycrystalline diamond is HV6500~ HV 8000, which is 80~120 times more than solid carbide. Its thermal conductivity is high (700W/mK) and coefficient of thermal expansion is low (0.9×10).And the elasticity of the grinding amount is high, and the friction coefficient is low (0.1 to 0.3). So PCD diamond router bits are very hard and strong abrasive resistant. The cutting edge of a PCD tipped router bit can get much longer using life than tungsten cutter bits.

3, Carbide-tipped router bits
Carbide-tipped tooling provides some of the edge longevity of carbide with the lower cost of a steel base. Carbide tipped bits are only available with straight flutes.

4, High-Speed Steel (HSS) router bits
HSS is a poured material, chemically and metallurgically bonded together. The steel is processed from raw ore and heated to a liquid stage where several minerals and elements are added to improve the internal structure. Typically, HSS tool life is not as long as carbide.

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