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CNC Straight Bits, Up Cut Bits, Down Cut Bits, and Compression Bits Introduction

CNC Straight Bits, Up Cut Bits, Down Cut Bits, and Compression Bits Introduction

Straight Router bits– Straight bits have their cutting edges parallel to the body or shank of the bit.

Up Cut Router Bits – The flutes on this type of spiral bit shear from the bottom up, pulling chips up, This clearing or cleaning action allows for deep cuts with less stress on the tool. 

Down Cut Router Bits – The “down-cut” spiral bit flutes are designed to cut from the top surface down, leaving a smooth edge at the surface. It pushes down on the material being cut, and helps hold the material in place on the table surface. Some operators like this bit as it packs the sawdust in the groove being cut, this helps hold parts in position and helps maintain vacuum when that type of hold down system is used. Disadvantages are the packed sawdust is not removed by the dust collector and must be scraped or brushed off manually. Also this bit is not appropriate for thermoplastics as the "packing" of the dust re-welds the parts together. When making "through cuts" the down cutting force can splinter the bottom face of veneered or other susceptible materials

Compression Router Bits – This type of spiral bit is a hybrid design of the up and down cut bit. This bit has a up cut portion on the lower part of the bit and down cut on the remainder of its CEL. Material being cut is augured downward from the top of the material and upward from the bottom. This compression of cutting forces results in a clean, splinter free top and bottom face. A special type of compression bit is the Mortise compression. 

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