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5 types of CNC woodturning tools and best for woodworking

5 types of CNC woodturning tools and best for woodworking
CNC wood lathe cutter
CNC wood lathe cutter is a machine tool that rotates a workpiece about an axis of rotation to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning, with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an object with symmetry about that axis.
CNC woodturning tools are widely used single-edged tools; they can be used on various lathes to process outer circles, inner holes, end faces, threads, and troughs. According to the structure, the turning tool can be divided into normal lathe cutter, welding lathe tool, woodturning tools with changeable cutter heads, indexable turning tool, and a complete forming lathe cutter. Among them, the application of woodturning tools with changeable cutter heads is increasingly widespread.
cnc wood turning lathe cutters

1, Normal lathe cutters are single structured tools, normally made by high-speed steel, which used for softwood and semi-hardwood lathing.

carbide welding woodturning tools
2, Carbide welding woodturning tools use carbide blade welded on slot of high-speed steel, to cut harder woods, and lower the cost at the same time.
carbide cnc wood lathe turning cutters bits knife tools
3, Wood lathe cutter with changeable knife heads is a cutter that uses a common blade, then clamps the blade on the cutter bar. This type of knife has the following characteristics:
(1) The blade is not subjected to high-temperature welding, which avoids problems such as a decrease in hardness and cracking caused by welding. Also improves the durability of the tool at the same time.
(2) Due to the increased durability of the tool, the use time is longer, the tool change time is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved.

(3) The tool holder can be reused, which not only saves steel but also improves the utilization rate of the blade. The blade can be recycled by the manufacturer, which improves economic efficiency and reduces tool cost.

cnc wood lathe kit for sale

(4) After the blade is reground, the size will gradually become smaller. In order to restore the working position of the blade, a blade adjustment mechanism is often provided on the turning structure to increase the number of re-grinding of the blade.
(5) Pressing the end of the platen used for the blade can function as a chip breaker.
cnc kit for wood lathe
4, The indexable turning tool also has a replaceable cutter head. After the blade is blunt, it can be quickly indexed to a new cutting edge to continue working until all the cutting edges on the blade have been blunt.
Advantages of indexable tools compared to welded tools, indexable tools have the following advantages:
(1) High tool life since the blade avoids defects caused by high-temperature welding, so the cutting performance is stable, thereby improving the tool life.

(2) High production efficiency since the woodturning tool no longer needs to be sharpened, the auxiliary time such as changing the cutter can be greatly reduced.

cnc wood lathe bits

(3) Conducive to the promotion of new technologies and new working processes. Indexable knives are conducive to the promotion of new tool materials such as coatings and ceramics.
(4) Conducive to reducing tool cost due to the long use life of the toolbar, the consumption and inventory of the tool bar are greatly reduced, the tool management work is simplified, and the tool cost is reduced.
forming turning tool for intorex wood lathe
5, Forming turning tool with special shape for specific use

A forming turning tool is a special tool for processing the forming surface of the rotating body, and the blade shape is designed according to the contour of the workpiece. When the workpiece is machined by the forming turning tool, the surface of the workpiece can be formed at one time, which is easy to operate and has high productivity.

wood rod cutters

However, the forming tool is more complicated to manufacture, the cost is higher, and the working length of the blade is wider, so the blade body vibration is easily caused. Forming turning tools are mainly used in the processing of large quantities of small-sized parts with forming surfaces.

cnc wood turning lathe cutters
For woodturning use, the best lathe knives are 3 in 1 wood lathe cutter for softwood and semi-hardwood lathing, and carbide wood lathe knife with changeable cutter heads for hardwood. All these 5 types woodturning lathe knives yYou can find at RicoCNC for a high quality and good price. We are welcome for your woodworking questions and product inquiry.



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