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2 Tips for Successful Foam Carving On A CNC Router

2 Tips for Successful Foam Carving On A CNC Router

Foam cutting on a CNC router is very popular. A CNC router is an ideal machine to use as it can cut pockets as well as full depth profiles and can also machine a full 3D contoured surface if required. To get the best cutting results, especially for new operators, What do we need to do?

Securely holding the foam to the bed of the machine is necessary for accurate processing. Some foams can be very light and sometimes porous which makes them hard to secure with the standard vacuum deck arrangement. We can use a vacuum pump or a blower. Another effective way to improve the hold down of porous materials is to temporarily apply a low tack plastic film to the underside of your material. This creates a good seal which allows the pump or blower to create an efficient vacuum and can be easily removed after the job is completed.

Selecting an appropriate cutting tool is very important and will have a direct effect on the quality of cut. We recommend long up-cut spiral milling router bits for EPS foam. The long foam cutting tools are great for extended reach machining, deep foam cutting, cnc sculpting big items, cnc routing foam, robot milling. For carving in detail, conical tapered edge foam mills is a better choice. Tapered router bits can help you achieve high details in deep carving, improving the intricacy and detail of your products.

And the straight router bit is best for machining EVA foam. This will put only a small radial force on the material and will cut the part with minimal distortion and leave a good smooth finish. 

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