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15 Steps to Make Sure a Safe CNC Woodturning Work

15 Steps to Make Sure a Safe CNC Woodturning Work

How to operate a CNC wood lathe machine safely? How to choose the suitable cnc woodturning tool? What are the right operation steps? Here is a detailed introduction.

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1. Before operating the CNC wood lathe machine, the workpiece should be firmly fixed. Tighten the tailstock locking bolts and thimble. Then adjust the position of the tool holder device, it should be set near the center of the workpiece by 2 -3mm. If the distance between the tool holder and the workpiece is too large, it is easy to feed too much and cause accidents.

2. After the workpiece is well clamped, use hands to adjust the lathe chuck to the right position, and check whether tool holder device and tools is firm, then turn on the power to test.

3. For wookpiece which exceeds 100mm, the tailstock thimble must be used to fix it during processing;
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4. Select a suitable wood lathe knife, and when installing wood lathe cutter, the length of the tool holder bar protruding from the tool holder should be shorter than 50mm, and the tool holder bar must have the length of 150mm. The tool must be steady fixed on the tool holder. And when processing large workpieces (more than 500mm in diameter), the feed rate should not be too large.

5. The amount of feed rate should be appropriate. During rough turning, the feed rate should be smaller to clean corners of workpiece. When corners are cleaned, the speed can be increased.
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6. Keep the cutting edge of the turning tool sharp. Using a blunt wood lathe knife will affect the quality and cause accidents easily.

7. Small workpieces with wood knots are not allowed to be cut. Do not cut fast when the workpieces have wood knots. Other hard materials within the workpiece must be removed before turning.
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8. When cutting workpiece with irregular edges and corners by CNC woodworking lathe machine, it is recommend to cut off the corners with a special turning tool firstly, then use normal turning tools for detailed processing;

9. Grinding the surface of the workpiece with sandpaper can improve the surface quality. The sanding should not be pressed by hands too hard. The sandpaper should move at a uniform speed along the surface of the workpiece, to prevent surface damage..

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10. The feed rate at the beginning of work should be set low.

11. When turning glue-bonded wood, make sure is fully glue together before processing on a lathe;

12. The rotating speed of CNC lathe machine is determined by the dimensions and materials of the processed parts. It should not be too fast to prevent workpiece flying out and hurt people;
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13. Select a right spindle speed. Turn large-scale workpieces at a slower speed, because large workpieces have large inertia when rotating, fast turning is easy to cause accidents. When turning small workpieces, the speed can be appropriately faster, and the faster turning speed can obtain a smooth and clean workpiece surface. And it is best to cut the square workpiece near round shape at first.

14. Strictly abide by the safe operation rules of CNC woodworking lathe. Before starting the machine, check whether all parts are in normal condition.
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15. How to maintain CNC woodworking lathe machine?
(1) The operator must oil and clean the movable parts of the equipment once a day.

(2) The mechanics perform maintenance on each transmission part regularly.

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