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Solid Carbide CNC Cutter Bits not Suitable for Processing Stainless Steel?

Solid Carbide CNC Cutter Bits are not Suitable for Processing Stainless Steel?

Maybe the solid carbide cutter tools you are using is not suitable for processing stainless steel. The nickel and chromium in stainless steel are about ten times higher than that of ordinary steel, so stainless steel is not much higher than general steel in terms of tensile strength and yield limit. Even some are not as good as ordinary steel. Under the condition of close tensile strength, other performance indexes of stainless steel, such as elongation, reduction of area, and impact value, are higher than ordinary carbon steel and alloy steel. In general, if the tensile strength and yield strength of the steel are high, the reduction of the section and the impact value will be correspondingly reduced, while the stainless steel is high in both of these aspects, which is mainly caused by the high alloying elements.

Since the strength of the stainless steel, particularly the high temperature strength and the high temperature hardness, the cutting force is large during the cutting process. Stainless steel has high plasticity and high toughness, and the energy consumed during cutting is high, and the cutting temperature of the tool is high. It is precisely because the strength and hardness of stainless steel are not significantly reduced at high temperatures, and the cutting force during the cutting process is concentrated near the edge of the blade, which easily causes plastic deformation of the blade and damage. When cutting stainless steel, not only does it generate more heat, but because the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is low, (about one-half to one-third of ordinary steel), the heat dissipation conditions are not good, causing high temperature of the tool, and the life of cutter is greatly influenced.

But solid carbide bits with TiAlN coating will suitable for materials which hardness within 55HRC, stainless steel hardness is 35HRC. Also the blade with 35° helix angle, and with large capacity of chip removing, that bit is suitable for stainless steel milling, especially 4 flutes different helix angle spiral bits is the best, helix angle (38°+41°)

Solid carbide router bits without coating are widely used for acrylic, plastic honeycomb panel cutting, wood, MDF, plywood, PVC, etc.

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