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Differences between CNC lathe tools and ordinary turning chisels

Differences between CNC lathe tools and ordinary turning chisels

With the advancement of technology, more and more people choose CNC wood lathe machines. There is a question that whether CNC turning knives and general lathing knives are universal in the process of operating. And what differences are they? Now let’s talk about that.

Can CNC turning tools be used on general lathes? 

The answer is yes. CNC turning tools can be used as ordinary turning tools, because the rigidity of CNC lathes cutter is much higher than that of ordinary lathes knife. The cutting speed and the amount of cutting tools are also much higher, and the requirements for turning tools are correspondingly higher. Therefore, it is obvious that the mechanical performance of CNC turning tools is higher than that of ordinary turning chisels. Therefore, CNC turning tools can be used as ordinary turning tools, but ordinary turning tools cannot be used as CNC turning tools!

What’re the relative advantages and disadvantages of ordinary wood lathing cutter and CNC lathing cutter?




Ordinary lathes chisels

Cheap price

●High requirements for use, at least a sharpening of the knife blade;

●re-aligning the knife after each sharpening;

●lower production efficiency

CNC lathing knives

●The modular design of the blade and the tool holder can ensure the consistency of the tool after the tool change. It does not need to re-align the tool every time, so the efficiency is high.

●The blade adopts new materials with higher hardness and better mechanical properties, and the cutting range is more. Wide, longer life, no need sharpening.

The price is several times more expensive than ordinary turning tools

In the future, with the reduction of industrial costs, the use of CNC turning tools will become more and more extensive. At the same time, nowadays the number of masters who can sharpen knives is less and less.

It is the most important to make good use of different turning tools to achieve maximum efficiency and the best surface finish.

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